2022-23 Working Groups

We are so grateful to our many working group volunteers! To learn more or to join a group, please contact Nicole Carl.



The HSA would like someone with strong communication and personal skills to create and manage a plan and schedule for fundraising appeals and opportunities. This position oversees the fundraising working group. Experience in a development office or non-profit would be ideal.


Chair: Mandy Diesel, Secretary

Social Media:

Janhavi Chandra

Leila Graham-Willis

Laura Parnum

Website Graphic Design:

Sierra Skidmore

Website and Back-End Technical Support: 

Anna Selfridge


Social Media & Graphic Design (creating flyers)



Chair: Susie Pierce, Vice President, Lower School

Chanell Bates

Caroline Connolly

Zoey Dougherty

Chrissie Hill-Kayser

Meaghan McDonald

Jenn Nix
Maria Pino

Carrie Waterman

Jing Ye


Teacher Appreciation:

Needed: Chair

Chanell Bates

Helena Miller

Lauren Sealy

Yaling Xie



Chair: Jaie Bosse, Treasurer (22-23, 23-24)

Angela Curry

Jessica Kornblum Moore

Snehlata Sahu




Needed: Chair

Angela Curry

Gabrielle Gaines

Carrie Waterman



Chair: Nicole Carl, Vice President, Upper School



Physical Support:

Needed: Chair

Room Parent Coordinator:

Chair: Chrissie Hill-Kayser 

Sadie Alexander Birthday Celebration:

Chair: Niki Dugan

Angela Curry

Jim Dugan

Jeffrey Lin

Jessica Moore

David Stotz

Sozi Tulante

Carrie Waterman

Mrs. M (teacher)


Governance / Bylaws (Temporary):

Alison Brill

Angela Curry

Helena Miller

Joe Mintz

Jessica Moore

Jenn Nix