Penn Alexander School Communications 

As a parent or guardian of a child at Penn Alexander, you will receive many communications once you have created an account through this HSA website, hosted by Membership Toolkit. Below is a overview:

  • From the Administration:
    • ePony: a one-stop-shop email with everything you need to know from the principal sent every Sunday night by Dr. Kreidle. View ePony archives HERE.
    • Teacher emails: you should receive an email or message from your child's classroom teacher once a week. For children in grades 4 and up, you should also receive regular updates from their additional subject teachers. Teachers may use either Google Classroom (more for older grades) or ClassDojo (more for younger grades).
    • Principal announcements: Principal Overton starts each school day with announcements to the children.
    • Principal Overton will occasionally send a 'robocall' for extremely important news.
    • You can also subscribe to the PAS Community Google Calendar, managed by Dr. Kreidle.
  • From the HSA:
    • HSA newsletter: a supporting weekly email with reminders, a spotlighted event, volunteer opportunities, and shout outs.
    • Room parent messages: each classroom room parent will send messages approx. once a month featuring volunteer opportunities and fun PAS events not to miss!
    • If you have downloaded the Membership Toolkit app, you can receive push notifications as well as check the directory, make payments, and sign up to volunteer.
  • From the School District of Philadelphia:
    • SDP sends periodic emails and occasional robocalls with District news and announcements.
    • Sign up for the SDP Parent and Family Portal (also known as Infinite Campus) so you can check your child's grades, assignments, and attendance.
  • There are also many social media platforms for which you can sign up: check the teal bar below this page.

What is Membership Toolkit?

Membership Toolkit (MTK) is the membership software for nonprofits that hosts the HSA website which you are currently viewing. It is the platform from which most emails and newsletters come. It also is a payment system, enabling parents and guardians to pay for field trips, event tickets, pretzels, donations, etc. Other features include the directory and volunteer forms. Some pages are only able to be viewed by people logged in, a way to increase security for our school and children. There is also a Membership Toolkit app. Everything on this website is managed by volunteers, mainly HSA board members.


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