2023-24 Home and School Association Elections

Open Board & Non-Board Opportunities

Submit this form to nominate yourself or someone else for one of the following positions. If you have any questions or wish to join the nominating committee, please contact Nicole Carl.

Open Board Positions:


The HSA needs a leader to oversee the board. Current president Jim Dugan will serve on the board as Past President for one year, to help with the transition. Duties of the President include being responsible for the management of the HSA and making sure all orders and plans are put in place, consulting with the Principal regarding the budget, countersigning checks, assigning duties to board members, and making sure the Bylaws are being adhered to.

Fundraising Chair

This position would create and manage a plan and schedule for fundraising appeals and opportunities as well as track fundraising information and report on fundraising activity. This position oversees the fundraising working group with the goal of creating and executing new fundraising ideas and plans. Experience in development, marketing, or non-profit would be ideal but not necessary.

Event & People Coordinator, Upper School

This position, along with the Event & People Coordinator for the Lower School, would help execute event plans for events such as the Fall Festival, 5K, 8th Grade Dinner and Show, Talent Show, etc. The Upper School Event & People Coordinator oversees the Teacher Appreciation Working Group, recruits volunteers to help run and staff events, and posts event details on the HSA website. This position focuses on families and events for grades 5 - 8. Strong organizational skills needed.

Terms & Details

All positions are for a two-year term. No elections will be held if one only person is nominated for each position. Positions can be split between two people.

Board Responsibilities

Board members are asked to:

  • Check and respond to @hsapennalexander.org email a few times a week
  • Attend executive board meetings 1 - 2 times a month
  • Attend general HSA board meetings 5 - 8 times a year
  • Serve as chair / project manager to a committee: plan committee meetings and create / update / help execute project plans
  • Contribute to shared board calendar, documents, and project plans
  • Get clearances

For full details on board responsibilities, refer to Article 18 of the HSA Bylaws.

Nomination Form

Not ready to commit to a board position, but want to be involved? Below are other areas where you can help! Certain projects - such as revamping the field and starting a school store - won't happen without ample volunteer support and commitment. If you have any questions or wish to take on any of these roles, please contact Susie Pierce. 

Non-Board Opportunities:


-Social media posters: post a few times a week on Facebook, Instagram, and / or Twitter

-Flyer creator: create approx. 2-4 flyers a month

-Letter writer: write approx. 2-6 letters and/or emails a month

-Website updater: do a weekly web update, based on the Pony, create needed pages, and make additional updates as needed; approx. 1 - 2 hours a week

-Field trip creator: make payment forms and webpages on the back end; 24 hour turnaround time required, approx. 30 min / field trip

-Communications Manager: develop and implement a timeline and strategy for communications

-Working Group members: help with various communications needs



-Working Group members: contribute on an event-by-event basis


Teacher & Staff Appreciation

-Chair needed to oversee volunteers and to plan and execute various ideas

-Working Group members: help during December and June gift collection times and during May’s teacher appreciation week, provide additional occasional food and drink spreads; additional teacher appreciation ideas (and execution thereof) are always welcome!



-Capital Campaign Manager: develop and execute a plan for the field revitalization project

-School Store Manager: oversee parent volunteers, students, and store schedule; order supplies for sale

-School Store volunteers: sell during occasional hour shifts and help oversee student workers

-Gear Manager: price out and buy school gear at the beginning of school year and for the Musical and the 5K

-5K Sponsorship Manager: solicit businesses to become 5K sponsors

-Musical Sponsorship Manager: solicit businesses to become playbill sponsors

-Giving Tuesday Chair: develop and implement a strategy for Giving Tuesday

-Working Group members: help brainstorm and execute additional fundraising opportunities



-Working Group members: help count money, make deposits, and advise on best financial practices