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Tax Note: Thank you for your generous donations in 2022! If you need a tax letter summarizing your
calendar year 2022 donations, please contact Treasurer Jaie Bosse.


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The Home and School Association is a 501(c)(3) organization (TIN is 11-3707471).


How the HSA Supported Our Students in December

Events & Fundraisers

  • Collaborated with Room Parents to raise $16,214 for Holiday Gifts to all teachers and staff members. 
  • Giving Tuesday total received is up to $51,400 with 53% of families participating!


    Thank you for helping us reach our giving goals!

Teaching & Classroom Supplies

  • Wrote check to Philadelphia School District to fund the Art Teacher position ($50,000)
  • Art Project ($45)
  • Leadership books for Admin Team ($99)

Classroom Events & Field Trips

  • 7th Grade - Eastern State Penitentiary ($474): HSA covered 15% of the cost ($71)
  • Room 109 - Charlotte’s Web ($325): Parents paid for this - thank you!
  • Kindergarten, 4th, and 5th Grade - Drexel Women’s Basketball (FREE) Note: The money paid for the initially planned St Joe’s Basketball Game is being rolled into 4th and 5th Grade Field Trips in January and February
  • 3rd Grade - Franklin Institute ($955): HSA covered 27% of the cost ($255)

After School Events


Professional Development & Staff Appreciation


  • Holiday staff dinner, holiday staff gifts and related supplies: ($15,456)
  • Extra rollover staff appreciation funds from gifts collected post-holiday disbursement: $758


Building Support



  • Helped purchase microscopes and other supplies for middle school science with $3,700 grant from Society for Developmental Biology coordinated by parent Jennifer Skirkanich
  • Facilitated a donation of $543.60 for December 16th Pajama Day for CHOP
  • Filed 2022 990 and paid accountant $675
  • Gave $1,000 from the Family Support Fund to a family in need

Fiscal Year to Date: 

  • Income: $124,155
  • Expenses: $134,993



Thank you, Sponsors!